Mr. Chanthavisao Phanthanalay, Lao PDR

Mr. Chanthavisao Phanthanalay, Lao PDR
M.Sc. Program in Dentistry (Dental Public Health)
Class of 2009
Current Position: Vice Dean at Faculty of Dentistry, University of Health Sciences, Lao PDR

I am an honored for a great opportunity to have attained my graduate degree in Master Degree of General Dentistry from the Faculty of Dentistry, Khon Kaen University, a Well-known University for Dentistry that is recognized for its advanced research and high technology in Thailand and internationally, I was very impressed by how dedicated the professors were in passing their knowledge and experience to the students throughout the program. The students were also provided with resources they needed to do their research and improve their learning.

After I completed my graduate from Khon Kaen University, I have incorporated what I learned into our teaching plans in the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Health Sciences in Lao PDR. to improve learning skill for the students in our graduate program. I was also able to apply what I have learned in many research reports and improve the performance of our dental treatment and services.