Sutthichon Rattanayatikul

Going abroad alone or with a friend was not an easy decision to make. Many things had to be given up. There were opportunity costs that you might miss; however, it was still a worth and memorable decision that I had made.

Being an exchange student in Strasbourg, France during that time had given me a lot of confidence in myself. I had seen and learn new dental protocols, new dental materials, dental equipment or even novel innovations as I was being part of the France dental student courses in Strasbourg University. Meeting new people and learning their culture and lifestyle in France was something that I was very excited and interested in. People that I met tended to be friendly, not as much as Thai people due to cultural differences, but friendly enough to get along without any discomfort especially when you had known them before going there.

For me, I was very lucky to meet the previous exchange students who had come to Khon Kaen University 1 year earlier before I went to Strasbourg. Furthermore, spending time abroad gave me an opportunity in future career by having a good relationship with friends and professors abroad creating a strong international connection. In my point of view, I recommend that going out of your comfort zone spending time in different places is a good chance of learning and gaining more experience. There will be no regrets for sure.

Mr. Sutthichon Rattanayatikul
Dental student
Faculty of Dentistry, Khon Kaen University
Attended the Exchange program in 2018 at Strasbourg University, France