Dr. Tamang Pratap, Bhutan

Dr. Tamang Pratap, Bhutan
M.Sc. Program in Prosthodontics (International program)
Class of 2006
Current Position: Associate Professor and Consultant Prosthodontist at JDW National Referral Hospital, Thimphu, Bhutan

At the outset, I should mention that I was one of the lucky Alumni of the Faculty of Dentistry, KKU. The main reasons then for me to apply to KKU was its serenity, available facilities of International learning and its promotion and the simplicity of the people in Khon Kaen. Also, being away from noisy city environments made it an ideal Institution for students who are into real learning.

Anyone’s first impression always becomes a lasting impression that lives in the heart forever. The first day as I entered the Faculty of Dentistry, I was warmly welcomed by the Prosthodontic Department. I suddenly felt that not only me being happy to get the admission, but also the lectures were rejoicing at my joining the Faculty as an International student. Although the local language was alien to me, their expressions were enough to understand. Rendering the humble service to my community, what I am today. I feel I am deeply indebted to KKU. As an Alumni, I feel KKU is indeed a torchbearer of the excellent learning center of the region. It is my second home too.

Taking this opportunity, I offer my sincere gratitude to KKU and especially to Faculty members and supporting staff of the Faculty of Dentistry. I wish the Faculty of Dentistry and KKU as a whole live up to its vision and drive with determination, resilience and innovative missions to improve the quality of lives of humanity not only locally, but also at an international level across the Globe.